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All guest parking is restricted to GUESTS only. Residents must park their vehicles in their garages or on streets outside of the complex. Residents may never park in Guest Parking.

Homeowners should notify their tenants and guests that guest parking is for Temporary Use Only. Should a resident have guests visiting for more than 3 (three) consecutive days, they must notify the Management Company to gain permission to use guest parking. Such permission may be granted by our management representative for no longer than 10 consecutive days within any 12 (twelve) month period. Any extension of this time period must be approved by the Board of Directors. These guests must park in the Ocean Avenue main lot only.

The Association asserts it is a refutable presumption that a vehicle parked in guest parking on more than 3 (three) days within a 7 (seven) day period, is not a guest, but has taken up residency within the complex. Parking regulations will be applied to these vehicles as residents.