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Welcome to Pacific Village Homeowners' Association
Managed by Lordon Management  Contact Our Lordon Representative


1. The user will be required to sign a statement of responsibility as part of their application. A retainer/deposit fee of $250 required. Two checks or money orders will be required. One for $100 will be kept if the clubhouse needs to be cleaned after your use. The $150 check or money order will be kept if the clubhouse is damaged or there is an extreme violation of the rules of use. If no cleaning, damage or rules violation are noted, both checks or money orders will be returned. Any violation of this agreement or HOA rules will result in the loss of your retainer/deposit

2. The user is in charge and responsible for conduct of all persons in attendance and for damage incurred to facility or equipment during their tenure. Report any damage, missing or inoperative equipment to Lordon Management immediately at (626) 967-7921. We recommend you take pictures of any damage or unclean areas prior to clubhouse use.

3. The premises, including the bathroom, will be promptly cleaned, and restored to its original condition. The following must be completed:
• Wipe down all counter tops and stove. Sweep and mop all floors, including the bathroom.
• All tables, chairs, and equipment will be returned to the original position.
• Please provide your own plastic trash bags, paper towels and toilet paper.
• All trash must be removed and deposited in the trash bins of the homeowner.
• Remove all decorations, including tape. Only temporary decorations are allowed. Please do not use nails or other items that will leave holes in the wall.
• Turn off the thermostat.
• Unplug the refrigerator and make sure the stove is turned off.
• Make sure all water is turned off, including the bathroom.
• Turn off all lights, including the bathroom.
• Lock and secure the sliding glass door and the entry door.

4. Noise (including music) is not to disturb the surrounding homeowners.

5. No smoking is allowed inside the clubhouse.

6. Guests must register their vehicles at www.pacificvillagehoa.com. Unregistered vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

7. No homeowner will be allowed to store equipment in the facilities or remove equipment from the premises.

8. Keys will be available to user from the Management Company only, to whom they shall be returned after use. There is a $50 fine for keys not returned within two (2) business days.

9. The Homeowners' Association will be the sole judge of the condition of the Clubhouse and the surrounding premises.

10. Activities must conclude by 11:00 PM on weeknights and midnight on Friday and Saturday.

The Board of Directors will enforce all preceding rules and regulations by appropriate Fines.

To rent the clubhouse, please call Lordon Managment at (626) 967-7921